Sacsayhuaman: The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman

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Sacsayhuaman :The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman Peru

It is inevitable not to remain fascinated by the amazing structures of Sacsayhuaman, is really a mystery to know how and when these constructions were made, because the archaeologist and historian could not determine the time that was Done, but recent studies date stones for over 3000 years, and more.

Around his constructions, many theories have been woven; like the ufologist who thinks that these stones were put in by strangers, the other theory was that there were living giants here who built this fortress.


Sacsayhuaman :The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman Peru
Walls of Sacsayhuaman 

The Incas had a tradition of creating each city as a creature. So Machu Picchu should look like a condor as the crow flies. Apparently, the Incas wanted to show or prove something to their gods.

Sacsayhuaman The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman Peru
Sacsayhuaman / The Living Stones : Peru

Archaeologists hoped to find answers to many questions by digging in Machu Picchu, but they ended up finding even more questions. In the city were found 173 skeletons, including about a hundred and a half – women, and none of the valuables were found with them. In addition, there was another tomb different from the others – Bingham called it the tomb of the High Priestess – where the remains of a syphilitic woman, a small dog, some ceramic objects, some spindles and woolen clothes were found.

Sacsayhuaman :The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman Peru
Sacsayhuaman :The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman

Farmers in Machu Picchu cultivated more than five hectares of land on special narrow terraces directly on the slopes of the mountains.

Sacsayhuaman :The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman Peru

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