A Massive Underground Ecosystem containing billions of micro-organisms

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No one can suppress the curiosity surging up inside a human being. A Curiosity that never grew tired since the dawn of time. The mysteries deepened and the desire to know was equal to the challenge.  

You may frown at this kind of information. Given, that mainstream science already provided an answer to that, through a bunch of “theories”, that most people take for granted. However, theories are not the ultimate truth. They mostly grow weaker and bow before new realities and unfamiliar facts.  

Ladies and gentlemen, what lies underneath, beneath the surface we live on, deep down at the bottom of planet Earth? 

Rest assured! We’re not the first to question this, and we are not the last! The race was on between the Russians and Americans to dig it out since the year 1961. Two big projects, The Kola Superdeep Borehole, and The Mohole. Drilling through the Earth Mantle took place however, mouths were clamped shut like an oyster at the bottom of the sea. No information to the public whatsoever. Not a shred.  

Fortunately, Humans curiosity never dies and never will. A group of scientists from 52 countries in different fields collaborated and kept their hands on the project. Boreholes were drilled and samples were taken to be studied in details under the well-advanced microscopes to finally detect life under the crust of planet Earth. A large underground ecosystem with millions of micro-organisms that can reproduce, divide, replace and repair!  

“It’s like finding a whole new reservoir of life on Earth” said Karen Lloyd, an associate professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. “We are discovering new types of life all the time. So much of life is within the Earth rather than on top of it” she added. 

This is only the beginning! What comes our way is tremendously exciting. 

Evidences pointing towards the possibility of life inside Earth is considerably great. Debunking old theories, shaking the world of science at its foundations and forging ahead into new territories.

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